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About Lee-Anthony Wallis

Lee-Anthony Wallis is a 33 year old Actor, born in Birmingham and is now currently based in the West Midlands, where he is conitunes his acting journey alongside the Army Resevres.

Lee's first love for acting for developed when he selected Theatre Studies at A Level when he attended Hagley RC High School and Sixth Form College. It was through physicial theatre that he began to take seriously with his first profession performance of the adaption of 'The Ten Thousand Things' was performed in the Pentagon Theatre in Oxford in 2008 where he played the role of Himpies - Ths son of the island.

After Graudualting from the University of Worcester in 2010 with a BA Honours Degree in Drama and Performance. Lee immediated started looking for work and was thrilled he landed a role with Birmingham Library Theatre Company. He played the lead role 'Tarquin' in both shows of Fear of the Queer and Heterophobia performed in both Birmingham and London respectively as part of the Shout Festival 2010, nearly missing his own gradaution in the process.

In 2012, Lee joined Buzz Theatre Company in 2012 that was managed and dirceted by Rachel Sharpe, where he performed the role of  Simon Sylester in the Thanks for NOT Smoking' at various veunes across Birmingham as part of Artsfest. From this Lee then landed a role of the pPriest in the production 'The Witches Promise' with the Birmingham REP - written by Stephen Dale and directed by Peter. 'Althought his name may not be in the programme, Lee's interpretation of the priest gave a comical element similar to Rowan Atkinson's character in 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. Thanks to 'Thanks for NOT Smoking' Lee was able to complete his first filming project with Born Communication playing the role of the patient for the Stop Smoking Campaign with NHS 2013 and Dudley KickASH Project.  Born Communicaions and Dudley Performing Art then recast Lee for another filming project called Artspace, where he played the role of a Detective, interrogating Children and Staff into what they were achieving in their recent local projects.

Buzz Theatre Company transitioned in 2013 and became Unfold Theatre Company and then became under the Unfold Family Bracket Name alongside Unfold Dance Company that was managed and directed Laura Millward. With Unfold, Lee managed to have lead roles as Kevin and Herbert Hex for both Frozen Prom (2013) and Burying Jack (2014) respectively. 

Dudley Performing Arts alongside the Black Country Living Musuem, casted Lee in the role of a Spy in the Production of Jack the Giant Killer, where local schools would bring children in from the local area Solve a mystery that happened in the 1920's using spy cracking systems. Birmingham REP then cast Lee in their production of the 'The Mother' where he played a small role as the Inspector. 

The National Trust was the next Destintation for Lee where he spent 2013 - 2015 hired by Croome Court as an Actor. Again Directed by Rachel Sharpe, Lee was part of both original Croome Encounters shows taking on the role of Elton in Minnie and the Jallop and also Goodchild in Memories of Maria. In this acting role, Lee remembers not only the importance of the accurary to history, aided by the unlimted knowledge of the workers and volunteers of the property, by also developing conseration skills used in that time period in history. Croome is a very special place, with an incredible history, to be able to reenact some of its stories were an absolute priviledge and overwhelming experience. Lee went on complete two more shows at Croome Court, the first show was a ghost story called 'A Strange Encounter' where he played the role of Roth - A spooked child trying to locate a ghost within the court. The final role that Lee did with the National Trust was the role of schoolboy Jimmy in the show called 'The Great Escape' where the schoolboys told the new boy, the stories of the house. 

In December 2014, Lee was attested into the Army Reserves where is still currrently serving today. He is proud to respresent the RLC and looks forward to many more adventures in his military career. 

Lee was able to get cast with ChatBack Productions, for the stage and film versions of the Toxic Pull driected by Jane Ahmed, where he played one of the lead roles as the Bouncer. The Toxic Pull went on win the Princess Diana Award, an award that Lee holds closely to his heart.

ChatBack Productions would again cast Lee in another short film called 'Have you seen me' where he played a supporting role of the character Jamie.

Lee's next role was as himself, when he took on his first presenting role for a series of Halford Bicycles for Halfords. Soon after Lee was able to get his TV role when he appeared in BBC Doctors as PC Danny Wark for 

one episode, what was meant to be a 'walk-on' developed into a credited role. Both of Lee's Career's combined in late 2017 where he performed as the Captain in the stage production of Tommy's Passchendaele with ARMY West Midlands and Platform Theatre Company. Performing in front of Commonwealth Majors as well as his own military peers, was the most nervous his has ever been during a performance, he was happy that it was well recieved.

From 2017 - 2020, Lee took an extended break from acting from acting to focus on otherwise project, mainly military related. It wasn't until the pandemic hit that he started to re-evaluate his choices, and decide to go back into Acting.

Lee's first performance back after his extended break was a site-specific performance by Northfield Arts Community

Directed by Naomi Wood. He played the role of a Miller, and retold the history of the Mills that ran from Northfield to Birmingham along the River Rea.

Lee has appeared in the reheared readings of the One night with Marilyn Plays written by PT Rose, where in each production he portrayed the Role of Orderly Fletcher. Having been part of three different casts (Bristol, Worcester and Birmingham) Each cast brought it challenges and different relatships for yet the script remained the same. Lee is currently in another PT Rose piece called Faked up at will be produced in Birmingham around Early to Mid July 2022

Lee is also currently also performing in a feature called 'Jacqueline' that has recently started production, as well managing other projects too... 



BA Hons: Drama and Performance: University of Worcester, 3 years, 2007-2010
Unfold Theatre Company: 2012 -15
National Trust Actor: 2014-16
ECSPC Foundation Screen Fighting Award
Accents and Phonetics: Bazan Teaching Academy
Military Training: 2014 - Current


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